Introduction to Ministry ミニストリーの紹介

Steve’s Story                                                                                                    

I was born in Seattle, and became interested in missions as a college student. I went on to seminary to study cross-cultural ministries, and felt God leading me to Japan.  I started as a tentmaker, sharing the gospel with those I met through my English teaching job. I also had the opportunity to volunteer and live in a home for children who have been separated from their families due to abuse. The director allowed me to share the gospel to the children during Christmas and could also take them out for their birthdays to buy presents funded by church friends. It was then that God gave me the vision of sharing the gospel to people in Japan who need such social welfare services, as they tend to be more open due to their emotional and spiritual pain. I went back to college to study social work, and after graduating, I started working at a Christian nursing home in Saitama, with the purpose of sharing the gospel with the residents.              

Miku’s Story                                                                                                                       

I was born in Hokkaido, Japan. I became a Christian in college, while studying social work.  After graduating, I started working at a Christian nursing home, and during that time God gave me the vision to share the gospel to people in Japan who need social welfare services. I quit my job and went to a seminary in Kobe, wanting to give my life to the Lord for the gospel.  I worked as a pastor in my denomination for three years, while still having the desire to bring the gospel to the weak and oppressed people in Japan.

Becoming a Family                                                                               

Our paths crossed in 2011, as a mutual friend realized we shared the same vision.  Just a few months after we were introduced, we got married. We moved to Nagoya to work at a Christian school and share the gospel to children.  Amana and Emma were born during that time, and through the challenge of child raising came the opportunity to reach out to other moms.  In 2017 we moved to Hokkaido to work at Hosanna Home, a Christian nursing facility.


スティーブはシアトル生まれの日系3世です。大学時代、宣教に興味を持ち始めました。ダラス神学校で宣教学を学び、日本で宣教師として召されていると感じました。最初は「テントメーカー」として英会話を教えながら出会った日本人に福音を伝えました。そのような中、児童養護施設でボランティアの機会があり、仏教の施設でしたが、園長先生がクリスマスなどの時に子どもたちに福音を伝える許可を与えてくださいました。子どもたちの誕生日には教会の友人達の献金で一人一人の誕生日を祝って、プレゼントを買いに行きました。この経験を通して、福祉を必要とする人たちは心の痛みが強いため、神様に心が開いていることに気づき、「福祉伝道」のビジョンが与えられました。 広島の大学に入学し、福祉を学び、社会福祉士の資格を取得しました。卒業後、高齢者に伝道する為、キリスト教系の老人ホームで働く事になりました。



“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Transition into Full-time Ministry

Though we have had opportunities to share the gospel at Hosanna Home, it became more difficult as the number of residents and the caregiving responsibilities grew steadily.  In January 2019, after hearing a message about putting our vision into action, we prayed and felt God leading us to do our ministry full-time.  In March, we joined JEMS (Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society) as career missionaries to Japan.

Outreach to Moms and Kids                                                                                                                  Child abuse in Japan is growing steadily, and the children’s homes are at full capacity.  We have met a former pastor who runs a small foster care home, and he also has the vision to reach abused children with the gospel.  He has connections to a few other children’s homes in the area, and has invited us to partner with him in reaching these children with the love of Jesus.  We also want to help the families before abuse becomes a problem.  We can do this by partnering with churches and helping them offer meals to latchkey kids and support groups for young mothers, who are often left to raise their children without much help from the father.  We will also partner with a church to teach English at their afterschool program.

Nursing Home Ministry

In Japan, there are only a handful of Christian workers such as chaplains who care for the spiritual needs of patients in hospitals and nursing homes.  As missionaries, we will share the gospel with the residents of Hosanna Home and another Christian nursing home in the area, and also do home visitations, and give them what may be their last chance to receive Christ and be with the Lord in heaven.

Invitation to Pray and Support Thank you very much for your interest in our ministry.  We are starting to recruit a team of people that would partner with us by giving financially monthly and regularly pray for our ministry.  Please prayerfully consider joining our team.  Here is the website where you can donate by credit card:

God bless you!



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