Donations to Steve and Miku’s Ministry in Hokkaido ご献金の方法

Here are some options for donating to our ministry:

  1. By credit card:
  2. Through Faith Bible Church: By Venmo at or by check, with “Steve and Miku Inouye” in the memo.
  3. By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): E-mail for a form.
  4. Microsoft and Boeing Employees: Go to your Benevity site and search for “Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society”. Designate the donation to our ministry by putting our purpose code (65984) in the memo. Donations will be matched by these companies quarterly.
  5. ゆうちょ銀行の口座:記号19030 番号44168561(イノウエ未来)への送金をお願いします。



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