July 2019 Prayer Letter 2019年7月プレイヤーレター

Ever since we joined JEMS as missionaries this Spring, we have been prayerfully looking for partners in our area to do our ministry with. We shared with many of you that we specifically wanted to establish a relationship with one of the children’s homes in the area, and reach out to the abused and neglected children that live there.  In July, we began contacting some of these homes, but none of them were open to us coming to volunteer.  Just when we had thought God was closing the door, we were looking through the volunteer guide we picked up at the city office, and found a smaller family-sized facility listed in it.  We visited the children that live there, and the man who has started a few of these family homes.  He is a former pastor, and also has the vision to bring the gospel to foster children.  Not only will we be able to minister with him at this home, but since he also has connections to other foster homes, we can expand our ministry to the children there as well.  So, while we were thinking pretty small and just having one children’s home to volunteer at, God has open the door wide and given us an even bigger opportunity to reach many hurting children with the love of Jesus.  Praise God!


After a few weeks back in Japan, we came back to the U.S. through Hawaii to complete the support raising process.  We will be sharing at at church where my brother is an assistant pastor.  I (Steve) will continue on to Seattle to share at the JEMS retreat, as well as with others from my home church in Seattle who we did not have the opportunity to talk with the first time around.  Meanwhile, Miku and the girls will return to Hokkaido, and begin looking for a bigger place to live and start our ministry from.



  • Praise God for allowing us to establish a relationship with Megumi House and other children’s homes in the area
  • Praise God for reaching 80% of our monthly support goal

Prayer requests:

  • That we will find suitable housing big enough to hold outreach events for families in the community, and also located near the children’s homes and nursing homes where we will be ministering at
  • That we will be 100% supported by the end of August

Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer and financial support.  For more information on how to donate to our ministry, please click on the link below. 

God bless you!


  • ファミリーホームと出会って、要養護の子どもたちにイエス様の愛を伝えていけるようになったこと
  • 月々のサポートが8割に満たされたこと


  • 宣教活動ができる、そして恵みの家や介護施設のホサナホームに近い家が与えられますように
  • サポートが100%与えられますように


God bless you!
Steve, Miku, Amana, Emma




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